Dual Language Program


We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking educational pathway that will unfold over the coming years, starting with our 6th grade students- the Dual Language Pathway in Spanish and English for any students who have been in an elementary Spanish/English dual language program.

Our Dual Language Pathway is also open to students whose home language is Spanish and wish to enter into the Dual Language Pathway. Students in this program will take a paired English Language Arts (Comms. Arts) and Spanish Language Arts. Science and one elective (---World)  in Spanish. Please refer to the following information for an outline of how the Dual Language Pathway will gradually develop:


Through the Dual Language Pathway, we aim to provide students with a transformative educational experience that will prepare them to excel in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. 

We invite our Angevine middle school community to embark on this enriching journey, embracing linguistic diversity and cultural enrichment.