Bobcat 360 is a part of every 6th grader’s first year at Angevine Middle School and affects all of our students as well. Bobcat 360 is an orientation and transition program that is used by all of the middle schools in the Boulder Valley School District. Schools using these programs report higher attendance, fewer discipline problems and referrals, improved school climate, and a belief that student academic achievement is higher. Angevine is very committed to a positive and emotionally safe environment for everyone and Bobcat 360 is a large component of that.  Bobcat 360 recruitment and applications take place in the Spring, and ongoing communications with current 360 leaders will occur via Google Classroom. 

The focus of the Bobcat 360 Program is to link upper-class students (8th graders) with students in transition (6th graders and new students). The program welcomes everybody into the school and provides connections to activities, academics, and the people who can be positive role models and influences. The real core of the program is to allow successful older students to teach the incoming younger students the culture of the school. Our group of 8th Grade Leaders will guide the incoming 6th graders so each of them will feel like he/she belongs and feels comfortable being a member of our school and school culture. Bobcat 360 offers a program to help our parents transition, (6th Grade Parent Night sponsored by Bobcat 360). For more information on the Bobcat 360 Program, contact or

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  • 8th Grade

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Heather Szabo

Chris Leblanc

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