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PBS (Positive Behavior Support at Angevine){327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}PBS (Positive Behavior Support at Angevine)<p>​The Bobcat Bucks Matrix is designed to encourage ROAR behavior.<br></p>
6th grade dashboard{327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}6th grade dashboard​6th grade courses, teachers, sports, activities, A/B day schedule for music and PE students and much more​
7th grade dashboard{327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}7th grade dashboard<p>7th grade courses, teachers, sports, activities and much more</p>
8th grade dashboard{327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}8th grade dashboard<p>8th grade courses, teachers, sports, activities and much more!</p>
Angevine Middle School Handbook{327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}Angevine Middle School Handbook<p>​<span style="line-height:20.79px;">This handbook is designed to provide you and your parents with helpful information about Angevine Middle School.​</span>​</p>
Lunch Menus{327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}Lunch Menus<p>Daily lunch menus served in our cafeteria. </p>
School Supplies{327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}School Supplies<p><a href="/About/Documents/Angevine%20Middle%20School%20Supply%20List%20-%20Escuela%20Intermedia%20Angevine%20Útiles%20Escolares.pdf">Please use this link for the school supply list.</a><br></p>
Transitioning to Middle School{327c43d9-e59e-4fe0-8295-efaf4ec1418a}Transitioning to Middle School<p>​Resources and information for students entering Middle School.</p>

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